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Delaware 2010 census

2010 Census Data Delaware

Apportionment Data
The Census Bureau's interactive map widget enables users to view 10 decades of apportionment history, current apportionment totals and our country's changing population through the past century.



The Delaware Census State Data Center is a network of state, local, academic and private sector partners organized under an agreement between the state of Delaware and the US Census Bureau and working together to create, share, and disseminate demographic, economic and other data for Delaware. It is linked with the Delaware Population Consortium for population projections, and with Delaware's Geospatial Data Coordination effort. The Census State Data Center is part of a national network of similar State data centers.

2010 Census Data
The US Census Bureau has begun released 2010 Census count data to Delaware as part of a scheduled data release for use in congressional and state-level redistricting efforts. Data on population, population by voting age, population by race and hispanic origin, and housing unit counts, is available for Delaware via the Census Bureau's FTP site and the American FactFinder web site.Below is a table of basic population counts for the State, the counties and the municipalities of Delaware. This is also posted as a google documents table.

Latest News
2010 Census Redistricting Data Released to Delaware
The US Census Bureau has released detailed 2010 Census data, including some basic demographic characteristics, to the political leadership of Delaware for use in legislative redistricting. The newly released data includes tabulations of total population and housing units, population by voting age, and population by race and Hispanic origin for all geographic areas down to the census block.
The data show New Castle as the largest county, with a population of 538,479 persons, though it grew by the smallest percent (7.6%) between 2000 and 2010. Sussex County had a 2010 population of 197,145 (an increase of 25.9%). Kent County, though smallest in population (162,310 persons) had the largest percent increase (28.1%).
Among cities and towns, several of the state's smaller municipalities showed the largest percent growth between 2000 and 2010, reflecting a wave of annexations and in-town residential development that started before 2000 and continued through the housing boom of the early part of the decade. Townsend grew by almost 500%, to 2,049 persons. Cheswold grew to 1,380 persons, an increase of more than 340%. Middletown grew by more than 200% to reach a population of 18,871. Clayton grew to 2,918 persons, an increase of almost 130%. And Millville doubled in size, reaching a population of 544.
The basic 2000 to 2010 population growth data are posted as a google documents table. Detailed data can be downloaded from the Census Bureau's FTP site. Browsable and searchable data is expected to be e available within 24 hours of the data release on the Census Bureau's American FactFinder web site. (3/2/2011)
US Census Bureau Unveils Updated Data Access Tools
The Census Bureau has launched a revamped version of its data delivery tool, the American FactFinder. The new American FactFinder offers a fresh look, new tools and easier access to a wide range of Census Bureau statistics. The old version of the American FactFinder, valued by many as a fast way to access Census data, will stay open through the fall as data users learn the new tools and capabilities of the new system. To that end, a virtual tour and a collection of brief tutorials are offered. (1/18/2011)
Census Bureau Releases 3-Year ACS Estimates
The US Census Bureau has released 3-year estimates for 2007 through 2009 from the American Community Survey (ACS). These data, which represent the average characteristics of an area over the 3-year period of time, are only published for geographic areas with populations of 20,000 or more. For Delaware, they are only available for the state, the three counties, several of the larger cities and a handful of other geographic areas. They are based on a smaller sample size than the recently released 2005-2009 5-year estimates, but can be considered to be more current than the 5-year estimates. The ACS data sets are available on the American FactFinder. The ACS web site offersdetailed guidance on the uses of the different types of estimates available through the American Community Survey. (1/11/11)
2011 Edition of the Statistical Abstract Released
The US Census Bureau has released the 2011 Edition of the Statistical Abstract of the United States. The Abstract, one of the federal government's best-selling reference book, has been published nearly every year since 1878. This 130th edition includes "1,407 tables 1,407 tables of social, political and economic facts that collectively describe the state of our nation and the world." There are 65 new tables in this year's edition. The Abstract is published in book form, but also available in full on the Census Bureau's web site.(1/6/11)
2010 Census Finds 897,934 Persons in Delaware
Delaware's population grew by 14.6 percent between 2000 and 2010 to reach 897,934 persons, according to new state population totals released by the US Census Bureau. The nation's population grew by 9.7 percent to reach 308.7 million. (12/21/2010)
New American Community Survey Estimates Provide a Portrait of Delaware
The US Census Bureau has released new demographic estimates that provide a portrait of the characteristics of Delaware at many levels - statewide, by county, place, school district, and more. The new data are 5-year American Community Survey (ACS) estimates covering the years 2005 through 2009 that provide social, economic, housing and demographic statistics comparable to the old "long form" data that were available every ten years from the decennial census. (12/14/10)
2010 TIGER Shapefiles for Delaware Available from the US Census Bureau
The Census Bureau's TIGER site now has Delaware's portion of the 2010 Census Shapefiles available for download. This is not 2010 Census Data; just the geography (tracts, block groups, blocks, etc.) to be used with the 5-year ACS data and the 2010 Census data. (12/7/10)

Delaware Population Projections
The Office of State Planning Coordination is a part of the Delaware Population Consortium, which publishes annual population projections for the state of Delaware, the three counties, and selected major cities in the state.

A Network of Affiliate Organizations